Finger Lakes Wineries

What’s a trip to the Finger Lakes without (several) wine tastings?  Our friends at Hector Wine Company and Red Newt Cellars are our neighbors at Finger Lakes RV Resort, so let’s start there! 

Red Newt Cellars is just up the hill on Tichenor Road, ready to give you a picturesque view of the campground and a gorgeous sunset.  They’ve got a huge deck and a great selection of Rieslings to enjoy in the sunshine, as well as really delicious Charcuterie Boards.  We love that they sell wines in “tadpole” sizes, so you can really take home a good variety!  Dave was one of the first to welcome us to the area and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbors. 

On the north edge of the RV Park is Hector Wine Company, which has a crazy good gourmet market packed with fresh, local meats, cheeses, breads, baked goods, and fun little treats (we had one of the best chocolate bars we’ve ever had one day, just picked it up on a whim at checkout)!  We really enjoy their tastings, because you can pick as many or as few as you’d like and they’ve got a vast selection of both reds and whites.  You’ll find us at the Shuck Yeah Food Truck out front on Saturdays for a Lobster Roll or burger, or whatever else they happen to be cooking up that day (we always enjoy surprise clam strip day!).

There are SO MANY wonderful wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, we couldn’t possibly tell you about each one of them, but maybe a couple of quick notes about a few of them?

About 5 minutes from the RV resort, we love to go to Catharine Valley for a wonderful view of the water in a relaxed atmosphere—plus you can never be sure what Eduardo might be cooking up on the spit out front!  Catherine Valley has an approachable assortment of wines, but we really love the Viva for an easy-drinking sparkling option and The Lost Irishman is a tasty rosé for a nice summer day.

About 10-15 minutes from the campground down a gravel road, you’ll find Boundary Breaks Vineyard.  Every chance we get, we try to hit the Sunday Brunch.  You have to reserve online in advance, but it’s such a great experience (the picture on our homepage under the “Attractions” list is a view from the table), we’d highly recommend.  We ended up at Boundary Breaks on one of our first trips to Watkins Glen where we tried their Cabernet Franc at Graft (more to come on them later!) and it was so good that we decided to make the trip out to the vineyard—and discovered a love for Gewurztraminer.

Hazlitt 1852, as the name implies, has been making incredible Finger Lakes wines for over 160 years.  Just up the road a minute or two from the RV park, Hazlitt’s offers a large selection of both red & white wines and are famous for their fruity, high quality Red Cat wines.  They have a second bar on the property, The Oasis at Hazlitt, that offers food, music, a large outdoor seating area, and (most importantly?) WINE SLUSHIES.  Our pick is the Red Cat slushy—try them all, mix them together, you can’t go wrong!

We hope to welcome you to Finger Lakes RV Resort, and all our area has to offer, soon!

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